About Byrne Vineyards

Every glass has a story.

Our History

In the late 1800s, the first vines were planted in the renowned Riverland wine region. On our property, we proudly planted our first vines in the 1920s. At Byrne Vineyards, every bottle of wine we create embodies the abundant legacy and history of South Australian heritage wines.

In 1960, Eric and Romla Byrne purchased a property near Devlin’s Pound near Waikerie in South Australia where they planted a vineyard. Here began the family passion for wine and viticulture. A passion which son, Rob, maintains to this day, with his daughter, Petria, and grandson, Will, now working in the family business alongside him.

Scotts Creek Vineyard

The Byrne family acquired this property in 1995 and over the last few years have adopted the innovative sustainability practices allowing water to be returned to the natural environment and preserving our wetlands. This vineyard produces our signature Vine Dried and Double Pass Shiraz products.