We’re committed to Earth and all its inhabitants.

A leader in sustainable viticulture.

At Byrne Vineyards our vision is to be a leader in sustainable viticulture practices. Practices to minimise harm and maximise benefit to the environment and community. We are committed to the Freshcare Australian Wine Industry Standard of Sustainable Practice in Viticulture.

We are committed to preserving and maintaining the natural environment on our properties, especially the Wetland environment at our Scott’s Creek Vineyard, which is home to many rare and endangered species and is one of South Australia’s largest natural wetland environments.

The Wetlands situated on our Scott’s Creek Vineyard has been conserved since the early 1900s, when Sidney Wilcox created banks that kept the water out of the lagoon, only flooding in high rivers. As a result, our wetland was able to continue its natural cycle of wetting and drying phases, while other wetlands along the River Murray, when locks and weirs were installed, became permanently wet, resulting in salinization of the wetlands, threatening the freshwater species living within.

In 2000, structures were built to manage the wetting & drying phases of the wetland. By restoring long-term health to the local ecosystems and demonstrating responsible environmental management and sustainable practice, we have contributed a genuine benefit to the region.

Our Sustainability Goals are to preserve rare and endangered species that live on the properties and maintain good water quality in the wetland complex and to reduce the abundance of non-native species (both plant and animal). This involves preserving native flora and fauna habitats and breeding sites.

We're committed to wildlife.

Earth won’t wait. Neither will we.

Wetlands are a fundamental and valuable part of the Australian wildlife system, providing habitats, breeding sites, and drought refuges for a diversity of native fauna and flora. They are an important feature in our dry landscape, and integral to the continued existence of the River Murray and the plants and animals which exist in it.

We take great pride in our role as caretaker of the Wetlands, providing a Sanctuary to over 73 native flora and fauna species who have made it their home.

Working towards a Net-Zero future.

We’re invested in wild ideas for a sustainable future, and are looking at ways for our business to become carbon neutral in the near future.

We reserve 12 hectares of native land for every 1 hectare which we farm. This amounts to 17 square kilometres of natural carbon sink made up of wetlands & bushlands that are teaming with plant life. Preserving our trees, and rivers is an integral part of our pledge to sustainability and reaching Net-Zero Carbon Emissions.

These efforts help sequester carbon while restoring ecosystems and our beautiful landscape.