About Byrne Vineyards

Every glass is a story.

Byrne Vineyards History

The first vines on our property were planted in the 1930s in Clare Valley, which are now some of the oldest winemaking vines in the world, speaking to the rich heritage and history behind our every bottle of wine.

In 1960, Eric and Romla Byrne purchased the Devlin’s Pound property near Waikerie in South Australia. For sons Rob and Terry Byrne, here began the family passion for wine and viticulture. A passion which remains to this day, with daughter, Petria, and grandson, Will, driving the family force behind the company.

History of our Vineyards

Scotts Creek Vineyard

During the 1970s the Scotts Creek vineyard was established by then owners, Penfold’s, under the guidance of Max Schubert due its close proximity to the Barossa, excellent Limestone soils and ideal climate for premium wine production.  The Byrne family acquired this property in 1995 and over the last few years have adopted the innovative suitability practices, allowing water to be returned to the natural environment, preserving, and replenishing the Scott’s Creek wetlands.


Clare Valley Vineyard

The Clare Valley wine region is one of Australia’s oldest wine regions, best known for Riesling and Shiraz wines. Settlers from England and Ireland, as well as Poland and Silesia migrated into the region during the 1840s, producing a rich multi-cultural heritage of architecture and villages, which remain largely intact.

Vineyards were planted alongside those first villages and the tradition of winemaking has continued ever since.